Monday, 1 June 2015

Microdermabrasion at The Summer House

I was really kindly invited by Amy to have a microdermabrasion facial at The Summer House. The Summer House, is exactly that, a cute little summer house in a gorgeous garden in Bourne End. This is a little location specific compared to some of my posts, but you'll just have to make the trip.

I'd heard of microdermabrasion from late night QVC watching with my Dad, but I'd never experienced it myself. I wasn't sure what it would be like to have it done. It looked like it might hurt. I can confirm, that is doesn't.

Once you've been welcomed to The Summer House and got comfy on the heated massage bed (such a perk), Amy cleanses your make up off, and then uses a toner before turning on the microdermabrasion machine. First thing you notice is it's loud. But do not fear. Amy describes it as such on her website "A non invasive but intense exfoliating treatment using thousands of tiny crystals to blast away dead skin cells and encourage them to renew". That's probably the best way of describing it. It doesn't hurt at all, it's a tiny bit scratchy in certain areas, but not painful, just like someone is itching your face. It vacuums up the dead cells too, that's the weirdest sensation. Someone hoovering your nose is very satisfying it turns out. Once Amy had done my whole face, which probably took around 5 minutes, but I can't say I was watching the clock, she wiped my face with cotton pads to remove the leftover bits of skin. Then your face is covered in oil for a facial massage and a moisturiser with a strong SPF. All the products are Eve Taylor products, which smell amazing and are cruelty free.

After care is pretty simple too. You have to wear minimum SPF for the next few days, not wear heavy make up for 12 hours, don't exfoliate for 72 hours. Pretty basic things it's easy to keep to. And Amy can give you some SPF samples if you don't have any. Your face can go really red, but mine didn't. Immediately afterwards it looked smoother, the next day my forehead looked clearer and the wrinkles I have had definitely smoothed. A week later and my forehead is still smoother than it was and my cheeks are really soft. It's quite common to get microdermabrasion facials in groups of six, with one every 7-10 days. After that I think the differences would be amazing.

As well has having an amazing facial, I also had a really great time. We've probably all had massages where the masseuse has been a bit grumpy or not overly friendly but Amy was so nice. After the facial was finished we chatted for ages. I babbled on about my life story and enjoyed speaking to someone I wasn't related to/Karl for the first time in ages.

If you're in the Maidenhead/Bourne End area I would definitely recommend The Summer House. Microdermabrasion facials start from £35. You can find more information on The Summer House's Facebook or Website.

*The facial was kindly provided to me free of charge by Amy. This does not in any affect my review. 

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