Friday, 11 September 2015

Keeping Your Summer Glow

September is upon us and with that comes colder weather and the end of the sunshine (not that we had any of that). I'm trying to hang on to the summer feeling for a little longer.

In order to keep that feel good feeling I've been making an effort with what I'm eating. Eating the right foods can really help keep the glow going. Since making the full time change to veggie I've been eating lots of fresh veg and have noticed a great change in my skin. To snack on I'm trying to eat less processed foods and more healthy snacks. Aloha do a great range of snacks that look super tasty!

On the non foodie side of things, Lush's Ultrabland and Herbalism plus Neal's Yard Wild Rose Balm are major staples in my routine. Between them my skin is cleansed, exfoliated and moisturised. I'm not yet reaching for all my matte foundations, piling on the highlighters for that glowy look. I'm always looking for some recommendations, so if you have any send them my way!

Back to food. My new favourite thing to make is a Thai curry. I've slightly adapted this recipe for my own purposes. It's vegan too, which is great!

2 Shallots
As many garlic cloves as you want
Small bit of ginger
Red chilli - decrease or increase depending on how much heat you can take
Stick of lemongrass
Half a red pepper
Lemon or Lime Juice

Tin of coconut milk
Soy sauce or stock cube
Your choice of fresh/frozen vegetables
Noodles or rice

Blitz all the paste ingredients together in a food processor.
Fry the paste in a little oil to cook the onions and garlic.
Crumble in the stock cube if using.
Add coconut milk slowly and stir.
Add the chopped vegetables and let it boil and bubble.
Cook the noodles/rice as per the packet instructions.
Serve and eat!

This is really quick and easy to make. You can make the paste on a Sunday evening, put it in the fridge and use it during the week.

What are your favourite quick and healthy foods?

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