Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My boyfriend cut my hair?!

No, this isn't some new tag, the sequel to the 'My boyfriend does my make-up' one. Although, if you want to do this, I'm not stopping you.

My hair was well over due a trim, and with money being tight this month I came up with a crazy plan. I'd hand my boyfriend a pair of scissors and get him to do it. Things to be noted, my boyfriend is not a trained hairdresser, he's an engineer, which meant I could at least trust him to know what a straight line look like. And while we were fiddling around with hair I decided we'd dye it as well. Because why only take one risk at once right?

We didn't just use any random scissors but took a trip to Boots and picked up their Salon Performance Professional Hair Scissors and then the next day got the Salon Performance Thinning Shears to remove some of the weight. The technique was basic to say the least, just chop bits off, try and make it all the same length ish. It's actually graduated so it's a bit longer at the front than the back. The front was shaped so it flows back, I actually tried to do this bit myself, made a mess and Karl had to redo it. Oops. It was still a bit heavy for my liking so he took the thinning shears and chopped randomly to remove some weight. I don't think that's official technique but it worked.

I began like this:

Went to this: 

And then we picked up the Bleach London Beach Lights Balayage kit to lighten the ends. I've had a vague ombre look for a while, but this is definitely the most dramatic and I love it! The instructions were simple to follow, but I am glad Karl was there to actually do it because I think doing the back would have been a struggle. After that had been done, this was the finished look:

I really like this style and now it's so easy to maintain at home I'll probably keep it fairly similar to this for a while, although the problem with ombre and balayage is you have to redo it whenever you get the chop so I try to not cut my hair too often. I'm toying with the idea of going fully blonde, but I don't think I'll do that for a while. Maybe one day. My motto with all of this has been 'It'll grow back, let's just do it'. Life's too short for boring hair!

What's the craziest thing you've done to your hair?

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