Monday, 22 September 2014

5 Ways With: Urban Decay Naked Palette

I love my Naked Palette. I've got so much used out of it since I got it and it's easily my most reached for one. For today's "5 Ways With" I thought I'd demonstrate 5 looks you can get out of it...cue weird close up pictures of my eyes. Sorry.
 I've used every single shade in the palette for these looks, I haven't used a primer or a cream shadow under like I normally would to show the true colours. The shadows are pigmented, buttery, easy to blend and a dream to use. Here's the full range....

And here are the looks....

  1. Half Baked (Inner Lid), Smog (Outer Lid), Darkhorse (Crease), Virgin (Highlight). This is my most worn look from the palette. Smog is probably my favourite shade out of the whole lot.
  2. Sin (Inner Lid), Toasted (Outer Lid), Hustle (Crease). A pinky-purple look than can be really ramped up for evenings.
  3. Naked (Lid), Buck (Crease), Virgin (Highlight). All matte apart from the highlight, this is a perfect everyday look for no-make-up days.
  4. Gunmetal (Lid). This is my least worn colour because I find the silvery-ness difficult to mix with the other shades. Worn by itself though it's a gorgeous colour.
  5. Sidecar (Lid), Creep (Liner). Sidecar is a more recent favourite, it works well with the other shadows and looks amazing by itself.
The only downside is that some of the more shimmery shades can cause a lot of fallout so if you're going some where fancy I would suggest doing your eyes first. I usually wander round with glitter on my cheek.

I would highly recommend investing in a Naked palette if you don't already have one. There's so many now, there's one for every skin tone. I really want to get a Basics palette but I can't decide whether to get the original or wait for Basics 2. Suggestions welcome.

What's your favourite Naked Palette look?

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