Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Top Coat to End All Top Coats

I've posted before about my hunt for long-lasting nail polish. There was the Seche-Vite experiment, a foray into matte nails and the unsuccessful trial of CND's Vinylux. I knew where I should have gone for a top coat, but I didn't, then a couple of weeks ago I caved and headed to the Sally Hansen stand.

There I found the Salon Manicure Top Coat, promising me 10 days of wear. I scoffed at that figure, but bought  it anyway.When I got home I painted my nails and forgot about it. Some time later that week I look at my nails and realised there were only one or two tiny chips and it had been around 5 days since I painted them. Success.

While I may not be able to get 10 days out of my polish I can definitely get close to a week, depending on brand and activities Thick glitters still only last a couple of days, and Essie polishes are fine as long as your layers aren't too thick. I'm tempted to get the matching base coat at some point as I have a good feeling about it.

Sally Hansen are, in my opinion, the brand to beat when it comes to top and base coats, but I've never tried any of their colours. Should I? What would you recommend?

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Top Coat doesn't seem to exist on the Boots website.... I'll update this post with a link if I find it!

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