Thursday, 12 June 2014

Baggy trousers and 100th post

Today's post is a bit of a milestone. I have reached my 100th post. I didn't really think I'd get this far when I first started, but I'm delighted that I have and I can't wait to write 100 more.

On a slightly similar theme, today's post is also on something I didn't think I'd ever do, and that's wear baggy trousers. Ever since I first discovered skinny jeans aged 12 or 13 I've rarely been seen out of trousers that look as if they have been painted on. I've gone through phases of Topshop Jamie Jeans, American Apparel Disco Pants and now I'm absolutely loving Topshop Joni Jeans.

I was lucky enough to get a Topshop voucher for my birthday, and so I went off to the shops with it burning a hole it my pocket. With a holiday to France looming in the near future I was looking for clothes light enough to withstand the (hopeful) heat as well as being suitable for England's less sunnier climes. I'd actually been considering a baggier trouser purchase for a while, but hadn't found the perfect pair.

I walked past these and they immediately caught my eye, patterned enough to not be boring but not so patterned they hurt your head. I'm actually only 5'3" so normally shop in the Petite section, but these are from the normal section and aren't too long, helped by the cuffed bottoms.

Awkwardly staring in the distance

Heels and I have never been friends, I try and try but they just hurt my feet. The shots in the post were taken when during filming of a new fashion video (ooo, intrigue) coming your way next week. I slipped on an old pair of New Look wedges for that, which worked, but I'll probably be wearing them with flats 99% of the time. One of the things I dislike about these trousers is that everybody says you have to wear heels to pull them off, but I don't think you do.

They are the most comfortable trousers I have ever worn, they're elasticated so I can eat and eat and I never want to take them off. They're described as 'joggers' but I reckon they're smart enough for almost every occasion. In fact, I'll probably invest in another pair.

What are your fashion essentials for summer?

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