Thursday, 26 June 2014

Boot Haul number something-or-other

So, I am well aware that one of my recent posts was me declaring that I was going on a spending ban and was only allowed to buy one thing. Remember that? Well this isn't me massively failing, it's me remembering that I had a ton of Boots points, so all of this was free. Thanks past me!

Some of these products were featured in my Graduation Make-Up Look post. Slightly odd ordering of posts going on right now. But the long gap between purchase and this post means that I can give you a more in depth review. 

So first up the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I've never been one for sponge applying my foundation, but a post by The Sunday Girl made me think I should look into it. She recommended it for Nars Sheer Glow which is my new foundation love. And it works. *Spoiler Alert for review post*

I needed a new mascara for graduation as my current one was flaking under the eyes and wasn't waterproof. I'm very fickle with mascara so picked up the Bourjois One Second Volume Waterproof one. It doesn't flake, provides a reasonable amount of volume and length. I'll decided to repurchase it or not when it runs out. I don't remember the last time I owned the same mascara twice in a row.

And finally, deodorant. It's getting hot and I'm getting sticky. This Mitchum one works OK, it doesn't keep you 100% dry and smell free. But it does a good job unless you're putting it under a lot of pressure.

What have you brought from Boots recently?


  1. Jasmine Huston27 June 2014 at 11:39

    Ohh I've always wanted to try that sponge! Can't wait to read an in-depth review :) xx

  2. I'd better get writing it then! Xx