Tuesday, 1 July 2014

5 Ways With: Bright Lipstick

I don't really have one 'signature' lipstick, but I love wearing bright lipsticks. I probably own slightly too many, but I don't think there's any such thing.

In today's '5 Ways With' I'm going to show you my 5 favourite brights. I do prefer matte finishes over glossy, but there's a mixture in this selection.

So that's the 5 chosen ones all lined up. I put them all on for you as well so you can get a better idea of the colour.

My all-time favourite red lip. Easy to apply, easy to wear, 'out there' without being too 'out there'. Fairly long-lasting, it will wear off if you eat, with a matte-ish/sheen-ish finish. Perfection. The packaging I have it in is limited edition, but the colour lives on in the permanent collection.

This is an 'out there' red. Applies as a messy gloss, gets everywhere, seems like it'll be a disaster. Once blotted or left to dry down it will not budge. One of the longest lasting lip products I have.  I'm not sure I'd go for the nudes in the range as they very opaque, but the brights are fab. I've reviewed them in the past here.

Emma Stone was wearing this in Revlon's promotional images for these when they were new. As soon as I saw that picture I knew I needed it. They last longer on the lips than you'd expect and can be layered up to pack quite a punch. The crayon style applicator makes putting them on oh-so-easy.

Another lip stain. These are sometimes touted as being dupes for the YSL Glossy Stains. Princess is sort of red, sort of coral, with a hint of peach. I'm only wearing one layer in the picture but this can be properly layered to look amazing. Once it's stained on, that's it pretty much. I basically only wore this last summer. Reviewed here

This looks really similar to the Revlon one in pictures, but I promise it's not exactly the same. The formula is creamy, but dries fairly matte. This is quite possibly the longest lasting lipstick I own. Slightly more blue toned than Lovesick it makes teeth look white and pops out against any look. Looks amazing when worn with sunglasses. 

That's my top 5 bright lipsticks. Maybe I should do this with nudes? Let me know. If you want a further sneak peek into my lipstick collection see my Lip Product Addict Video here.

What are your favourite bright lipsticks?

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