Thursday, 3 July 2014

Travelling Beauty Tips

This post goes live whilst I am sunning myself on holiday (hopefully!). I've done a little bit of plane travel in the last few months as well as my fair share of long car and train journeys. Here are my top tips taking everything and still having some space to buy more.

1. Try and decant as much as possible.
This seems really obvious but it's important to look at the sizes of all your products and work out whether you really need to take 200ml of conditioner for a weekend away. Airport liquid bags are the bane of my life when flying hand luggage only. Sometimes it's just easier to buy those things airside or decant them into little bottles you can get from Boots. You can get stackable pots to put a whole skincare regime in. I don't recommend the Boots ones though, they'd completely broken after two trips. If you going somewhere sunny then don't bother decanting suncream, just buy a big bottle and use it all. Better sun-safe than sorry. If you're flying long haul with checked baggage, take full sized moisturising products. You'll need them.

2. Powder products are your best friend.
The problems with the liquid and gels restriction is that is basically encompasses most make-up products. Or at least, I end up shoving them all in there to be on the safe side. Discovering BareMinerals saved me a ton of space. It meant that I didn't need to take foundation, concealer, bronzer or setting power in the bag.

3. Wear less not more.
Planes are notoriously bad for your skin. The air dries out everything out and it all gets a little germy. The last thing you want is a face caked full of make-up clogging up your pores. Either take it all off or if you're like me and can't face sitting there without anything on then just a little concealer, a touch of powder foundation and mascara will do. Even if you're not flying if you wear less you have less to accidentally smear over your face when you have a nap. Unless you're driving, in that case don't nap.

4. Multi-tasking products save space.
Again, obvious. But sometimes I forget how much some products can do. Lips, cheeks, eyes, you name it. There'll be something out there that does it all. Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouges are a particular favourite of mine. Along a similar vein, take one palette as opposed to lots of single shadows. And no matter what you tell yourself, you do only need to take one.

5. Solid shampoos are a lifesaver.
The only place I know of that sells solid shampoos is Lush but there must be others out there. I love the Lush ones though, they work really well and last forever. I have Seanick which adds a little volume to your hair when washing. Another bonus, is that they don't take up any space in the liquid bag so you'll have more space for bringing back your duty free lipstick purchases....

What are your planes, trains and automobiles travelling tips? 

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