Thursday, 17 July 2014

A new Scottish love: Arran Aromatics

For those that know me in real life the fact I seem to be slightly attracted to things from North of the border is no surprise. My boyfriend was born and brought up in the Shetland Islands, James McAvoy is my favourite actor and I wear a lot of tartan for someone who lives an hour and a half away from the South Coast of the UK. Therefore, it seemed only natural that I would like Arran Aromatics. I've actually spent a small amount of time on the island as part of school trip when I was in Primary School. If you've never been then I'd recommend it, I'd love to go back one day.

I think I'd vaguely heard of Arran Aromatics before, but they cropped up on my radar recently with this post by The Sunday Girl. Hit by a wave of nostalgia I decided to place a little order. Started by Janet and Iain Russel in their kitchen in 1989, they now have products in hotels and their own shops. And here begins my rave about their wonderful customer service.

I have an anti-virus programme installed on my laptop which has a 'Safe Money' option for browsers. This occasionally makes it awkward to buy things online as its pop up doesn't clear. It's nothing to do with the website, it appears every time you have to enter payment details. And it happened when I tried to place my original Arran Aromatics order. I was sad because they'd sent me a single use 10% off code for signing up, but it's use had been taken up with the failed order. The next day I had an email from them saying they'd noticed I'd had a cancelled order and could they help? I explained everything and they sent me another code, but I then had the same problem. So they offered to take my order over the phone and applied the discount I'd lost. This was Tuesday lunchtime, my order was dispatched mid-afternoon and on my doorstep on Wednesday lunchtime. I paid for standard shipping (I think?) but I don't know whether they decided to send it out express or whether it's just that fast.

So a massive shout to Brogan and Carol (who has an incredible accent, you'd think with the aforementioned boyfriend I'd have stopped getting excited by accents, nope) for all their efforts to sort out my order.

On to the actual products. As they only arrived yesterday this is more of a haul rather than a review, those will come later. Everything smells incredible and the eye gel feels really moisturising. You can keep it in the fridge if you wish, although I'd be worried I'd forget about it there, but it would make it so cooling. I'm saving the candle to light when I've moved, but it smells so nice without being lit. It's supposed to smell like it does 'After the rain' which is one of my favourite smells. A free gift is included in all orders, I can't wait to try out the massage bar, I love grapefruit.

They're currently having a sale so if you were thinking of ordering, now is the time to do it! I'll definitely be picking up some more bits and pieces. They have a whole collection of room scents that I think I will have to explore.

Arran Aromatics can be purchased from

Have you tried any Arran Aromatics? What are your favourite Scottish brands?

All products purchased with my own money.

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