Monday, 5 January 2015

Going Cruelty Free

This is something that has been on my mind for a while and the start of the New Year seems like as good a time as any to put it into practice.

So I would like to announce that from today any beauty product I buy will be cruelty free and not have been tested on animals, or be from a company whose parent company tests on animals.

Animal testing in the beauty world is so unnecessary. You don't need to be putting eyeliner on rabbits. It's something that has begun to sit uncomfortably with me and something that needs greater exposure in the wider beauty community. I know there are some great cruelty free bloggers out there (let me know your recommendations) but a vast majority of the "large" beauty bloggers and vloggers don't mention it.

The way that this will work is simple, anything I buy from now on will be cruelty free to the very very best of knowledge. I'm going to do a lot more research but I can't promise to always be 100% right, it's a murky area and lots of places say they are but aren't always. It's easy to be duped. But there's some great lists out there that I will be making good use of, as well as a wealth of experienced people. I won't be getting rid of things already in my collection, that would be a waste of money and I can't afford to replace it all right now. But I won't be linking to them when I've used it and will try and find cruelty free alternatives. For now, I won't be focusing on vegan or vegetarian products. It seems a little hypocritical when I'm still eating meat but I will be making careful choices. I'm also going to be spreading the change within the home too. That means no cleaning products that have been tested on animals. Does anyone know any great bleach mould sprays we can use?

What are some of your favourite cruelty brands and where's the best place to go to find them?

Here is a picture of my cat to finish. He doesn't need make-up, no animal does.

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