Friday, 16 January 2015

Clearing the Stash

I'm slightly of the opinion that the people who tell you when you should throw your make-up out are often the ones who are telling you to buy their new product. The only rule I 100% agree with is mascara. That should be chucked every 6 months or you risk spreading bacteria around. However, I looked at my collection and realised there were products that I simply didn't use anymore. Hopefully now I'll get more use out of the pieces that are left.

Two bronzers, both Bourjois. One I've had for years and have actually hit pan on and one which broke me out whenever I used it and because it's whipped cream formula I don't think it will have stood the test of time.

The Seventeen blush is one that I've never got on with. I haven't even had it that long. It's a bit too pigmented for my liking and the stamp applicator makes you look a little like a clown. Also from Seventeen their Brow's That palette. I think this was a free gift if you spent a certain amount with the brand. It was good, but it's too dark, especially now my hair is lighter and I much prefer pencils. Being too dark is also the reason behind the Avon Glimmer stick going, and the fact I can't remember when I got it.

I love my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and I have probably kept an hold of it for longer than is advised (we'll pretend I don't have an older one in my collection). This one however has completely dried out and I have other ones I need to use up as well. There really are so many black gel eyeliners you need. Similar story with the Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner, it just happens to be the oldest pen liner I have. The H&M eyeshadow palette was a present many years ago  that doesn't get used. I think I need more rotation or better palette storage so that I actually use them all.

I wrote about my issues with the B. Foundation here and there really is no point keeping hold of a product that I am unable to use.

Finally two face masks that I haven't used and I don't think are still OK. I'll probably replace them with other ones soon.

It does seem like a massive waste watching all of this go into the bin, but it's for the good of my face. And with all this free space I can buy more!

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