Monday, 19 August 2013

Beauty Haul #5

Or why I really, really, really should not be allowed in Boots. Ever. I only went in for concealer. And had one of those moments at the till when they tell you the price and you just think "oh, OK then. I won't be getting much else this month then. Oops."

Starting with concealer, I came out with three. Like every normal person, obviously. Rimmel's Wake Me Up concealer is my go to under eye concealer, I don't tend to use it on blemishes because I worry that it might be a bit too highlighting for them. I've never really tested this theory though. I re-purchased Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer in two colours, Fair 1 to match my actual skin colour and Light 2 which should hopefully match the Rimmel Stay Matte.

Then I went a little mad and just grabbed things I've been wanting to try for a while. What can I say, I was feeling frivolous.  First of all from the Rimmel Scandaleyes range, I picked up the waterproof kohl in Black as my Benefit Bad Gal is very much on it's last legs. And also one of the new-ish shadow paints, I got mine in Golden Bronze as it's a colour I wear a lot. I'm intrigued to see how these compare to the Maybelline 24 Colour Tattoos. I like the look of a few of the other shades too though.

I then took advantage of the Bourjois 3 for 2 offer. I had half been looking out for a new lip colour in the peach, pink variety that I can wear every day. Most of my nudes are on the brown-ish side so I wanted something different. First the new Colour Boosts, I like lip crayons and these look interesting. I'm intrigued to see their lasting power. I got Peach on the Beach which is the current 'it' lip colour. Also I got a Rouge Edition lipstick in the shade 17 which I think is called Rose Millesime, it's a really pretty pink colour. For my third product I selected the Bronzing Primer to try out, because I can't afford the Channel one and I'm curious to try a creamy bronzer.

So that's it. And now I am not allowed to go shopping. For at least a month. (She says)

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