Monday, 26 August 2013

Review: Wella SP Luxe Oil

I’d never tried a hair oil myself, I’ve had them used in my hair when it’s been cut but I’ve never been out and bought one. My Mum went for a trim last week and came back with a mini sample of the Wella SP Luxe Oil, as she has short hair she gave it to me to try and this is what I think.

Photo Credit: Wella site

Wella’s website says that the hair oil can be has 8 different benefits and on wet or dry hair. It smoothens, softens, protects and defines wet hair and moisturises, smoothes, illuminates and reconditions dry hair. You can use it to style, as a scalp or hair treatment and to add shine before and after a blow dry. Hair will apparently feel 10 times smoother after just one application and is easy to style thanks to a lightweight formula. Luxe Oil contains 3 oils: Almond, Argan and Jojoba. My hair is definitely not dry, despite the ends being dyed and needs washing every other day to look acceptable unless I pack it full of hairspray and then it just itches. I was bit a worried that the oil would make it worse. 

First of all, the smell. I’d buy a full size just on that. I love it. I’m not going to attempt to describe it but it smells amazing. I decided as my first try to put it in damp hair before blow drying it. I was curious to see if my hair felt at all greasy afterwards. Verdict: not particularly greasy, just soft. And it looked really nicely styled just from the blow dry, no straightening or curling needed. 

I wrote that last night (Sunday) while I was trying it out and planned to come back and rave this morning about the after effects. I’d left it a little damp so it didn’t feel bone dry and was a little sticky on the end but I didn’t think anything of it, I put it down to it still being a bit wet. When I woke up and asked my Mum if my hair felt softer (always good to get a second opinion) and she said “No, it feels like it has too much product in, it’s dark and heavy too”. Oh, not so great. So I washed it and dried it again without any oil. This time my hair felt amazing. I got it all the way dry and it’s so soft and smooth. 

I thought I was going to love the oil from the smell and last night but I don’t. I still think I could use it though, but as a pre-shampoo treatment rather than a styling product. It could be that I just used too much, and I’ll keep experimenting. If I’m feeling brave I might try a drop on the ends of dry hair, but not if I’m about to go out in case it backfires. It’s a shame because it does smell great and using it as a treatment has worked well, but I’m not sure I could get all 8 benefits. I’d be interested to try some of the other Wella hair care ranges at some point though. The full size comes with a pump which is a good thing for oils so you don't end up with too much.

You can get the full size which is 100ml from Amazon (£13.24) or Beauty Bay (£17.96, in the sale)

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