Monday, 16 September 2013

Rimmel ScandalEyes

These aren't particularly new offerings from Rimmel but they are relatively new to me. They are both new editions to their ScandalEyes range - the Retro Glam mascara and the Shadow paints cream eyeshadow.

I'll start with the mascara, the wand is large and hourglass shaped so you should be able get the retro flutter with your eyelashes. It is a good colour, very dark black which adds definition to the eyes. You can see from the photos though that that is all it really does, it didn't really add much of a curl and only a little bit of volume. It does lengthen them however, and I think to get the most curl from my eyelashes I need to invest in a decent eyelash curler, but I rarely use the one I have. It lasts well on my lashes and I don't find it to transfer during the day. The brush is a bit cumbersome to use and I do find I smudge a bit on my eyelid if I'm not concentrating. It doesn't advertise itself to be waterproof, and it most certainly isn't. Not at all. Don't wear this to an emotional occasion.

That is some major change of colour just by adding foundation!
Next up is the shadow paints, I picked the colour Golden Bronze but truthfully I could have bought any of them. I really like the shade range, I've seen some people say that they wouldn't wear them all but I think I would. The purple might not be neutral but it would be a great pop of colour. The brush is an elongated doe-foot which means it's easy to use as a liner both on the top and bottom lash line. Golden Bronze is exactly that in colour. It's more metallic than shimmery in its finish which can mean it is a little hard to layer other colours over but if you do a thin layer of the shadow paint then it's fine. Texture wise it feels a little wet when you first apply it but it sets fast and doesn't move for at least 8 hours. It makes a great base for powder shadows but also works really well by itself.

I really like both products, although I don't think I will re-buy the mascara when it runs out. I've yet to find my perfect holy grail one. I think I will get some more of the shadow paints at some point, they're great formulas and colours.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara is £6.99 and the Shadow Paint is £4.99, both from Boots.

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