Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Bioderma Skincare

I promised quite awhile ago that I would talk about Bioderma skincare and here finally is the promised post. When Escentual sent me La Roche-Posay's Effaclar Duo [+] and Avene cleanser they also included a whole bunch of Bioderma goodies.

Bioderma's micellar water swept the beauty world by storm along with a whole bunch of French pharmacy essentials. But how much else of the brand do we all use? I didn't really know what else was available until I opened the package, turns out there's a lot.

First of all my favourite one, the green ones. Otherwise known as the Sebium range. This is aimed at oily skin types, prone to break outs. All the moisturisers were really calming and didn't break me out. My favourite one was the Smoothing Purifying Care one. The foaming cleanser wasn't stripping and did a great job at the morning cleanse. On the right-hand-side of the picture is the Sebium micellar water, just as nice as the original pink. I don't think you can buy it in this size, but it's great for travel.

The most 'famous' range is the Sensibo range. Especially developed for sensitive skins, the micellar water is the best known. And the rest of the range is just as good. The anti-redness cream is lovely (and is now available in BB Cream form) but the sample wasn't quite enough to see too much of a difference. The eye cream is soothing, and definitely one I'd consider purchasing. The Rich Soothing Cream wasn't too heavy for daytime use. 

The Photoderm range was the one that I was most interested in. I tend to rely on the sun protection from my foundation or moisturiser, which isn't really enough. The four I got to try were: AR Tinted  50+, this has a light tint to it that didn't do too much in terms of coverage, but probably would be excellent if you were having a really good skin day; Spot Cream 50+ which is for skin with hyper pigmentation and sun spots;  Max cream 50+ made for sensitive skin and Mat 30 for combination to oily skin. I really liked all of them and didn't find any to leave a white cast. I think I'm going to invest in one for the summer, but I'm not yet sure which. They also do spray mists, a special one for skiing and one that helps you to tan naturally while still providing protection. Another thing I'd like to try is the tanning spray which claims to create a natural looking even tan.

Atoderm was the one I had the most trouble with. This is not a fault of Bioderma, but they are not aimed at my skin type. Atoderm is for very dry to atopic skin types, and I wouldn't recommend you try these if you're oily or combination. They were really moisturising but just too much for me. 

If you have dry skin that isn't super dry (technical term) then I would recommend that you try the Hydrabio range. The only two products I got to try were the light moisturising cream and the moisturising concentrate. They were both really gently moisturising and didn't break me out. Also in the Hyrdabio range is a micellar water and a moisturising mask

If you like the sound of trying out loads of different Bioderma products you can. You can buy 22 samples for £20.00 which you can claim back on any Bioderma products you like. It's a great deal if you're wanting to try out the range but you don't know what to go for.

Have you tried anything from the Bioderma ranges?

Products provided free of charge for review purposes from Escentual. All opinions my own. 

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