Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Review: Green People Zap and Clear Serum

Bad skin is something I've struggled with for probably close to 10 years now. Entering my adult years doesn't seem to improving anything as I once thought it might. Due to this I spend much of time searching for products that will improve my skin and help me feel more confident without make up. I've found products that help, but haven't cleared it up completely. The Green People Zap and Clear Serum is one of these products.
First of all, I'll get all the negatives out of the way. I hate the packaging of this. It's good that it's in a squeezy tube as it makes it hygienic, but when I first opened this it went everywhere! A little goes a long way, but it's really hard to only get a little bit out. So, once it had all gone everywhere I wasn't left with much left. This means that this has only lasted me 2-3 weeks. Disappointing.

However, it does seem to make a difference. It helps to take down spots and reduce redness. Green People are an organic lifestyle brand so their products are free of nastys which is a good thing. The Zap and Clear serum is 88% organic and contains willow bark and saclicylic acid both of which help to calm things a bit. It also has rosehip in which I am a big fan of. I wouldn't say it's "instant" as claimed but it's not a slow process, I noticed a large difference in around two days.

I'm reluctantly coming to the end of mine, I'm debating repurchasing it, but the packaging puts me off. But, the Green People have lots of products that I want to try so I might place a full order with them soon if I'm feeling fancy.

I got my Green People Zap and Clear Serum from feelunique.com for £9.85. The Green People website is here.

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