Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Finally Cleaning My Brushes

My brushes have been way over due a wash (a bit like this blog post should have been written a long time ago) and so with some new soap and time to kill I did them this afternoon.

I'd been using baby shampoo but that ran out and I didn't feel my normal shampoo was good enough. I felt a bit odd putting a brush washed in that near my eyes. To solve this I got some Dr Bronner's Magic Soap from Holland and Barrett. I went for the unscented one as I didn't fancy brushes smelling like peppermint. This has 18 uses and can even be used as toothpaste!

Because we don't have mixer taps in the bathroom it was easier to fill a bowl with soapy water and use that to wet and wash my brushes before running them under cold water to remove the soap. This worked really well, much better than burning or freezing my hand in the bathroom. I always dry my brushes flat and hanging off the edge of a surface so they keep their shape and water doesn't run into the handles.

Now I will have nice clean brushes again!

What are your brush cleaning tips?

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