Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Pink Hair, Don't Care

I dyed my hair pink, on a whim, to cheer myself up from a depressive funk a couple of weeks ago. It worked so I decided to do it again but this time I'd photograph proceedings. I used a mixture of Bleach London's Rose and Awkward Peach. I put Awkward Peach on my under layers and Rose on top. I put it on dry hair and left it for two hours before washing it out in lukewarm water. Fairly simple steps really.

I used a tinting brush and an old bowl which really helped the dye to go further and the all important gloves.

Here is the photo transformation of my hair:

 Before: Really faded pink and peach.
 During: Dye everywhere
 After: Pink!

It is a bit stronger than I would have liked, but that means it won't wash out as fast. I've washed it once so far and it's looking good. I know some people find the Bleach London colours wash out really quickly but I haven't found this. I wash my hair in cold water and that really helps.

I love pink hair!

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