Friday, 27 March 2015

At home takeaway: Vegan Curry

I love a good takeaway. Karl and I get them once a fortnight or so and just relax about cooking for a night. Since the start of vegan month though we haven't had a single one. I really wanted a curry but didn't want to spend the time making it from scratch so we popped off to Waitrose to see what we could find.

We went for the Patak's Masala Chicken curry sauce and mini poppadoms to add to some Waitrose bhajis and samosas.

I decided to base the curry around potatoes so I chopped them up into bite-sized pieces and boiled them, then fried them. I wanted them to be separate and crispy but I think I over cooked them so they went a bit mushy when being fried. Then I tipped the sauce over the top and added peas. The bhajis and samosas went in the oven and the poppadoms into a bowl. All served with rice and mango chutney.

It was really tasty and I'd definitely make it again. Plus it's all vegan!

What are your favourite vegan meals?

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