Thursday, 26 March 2015

11 reasons to join the National Trust

When I was younger I used to get taken to a lot of National Trust properties. I always pretended not to like them but secretly I was hoping I'd get swept off my feet by the heir to the place and get to live in a stately home forever. 99% of the time I'd discover the house hadn't been lived in for 60 years or the heir was 35 with no children. I told Karl this the other day and he looked at me like I'd completely lost it, so maybe that was just me and my over-active imagination.
Image from their website
Now I'm older I realise that living in a mansion would be expensive and not very practical but I still enjoy looking at them. I feel as if the National Trust is thought of as being made up of retirees and history loving parents. So here's why you should join the National Trust when you're under the age of 25.

  1. It's only £30.00 a year to join if you're under 25. Sometimes there might be some deals on, I know there was when I signed up so it's worth keeping an eye on.   
  2. You can visit over 500 places for free and park for free at most of them too.
  3. You get a free pair of binoculars. 
  4. It's a great way to find out the history of your local area...
  5. ....and any places you go on holiday too.
  6. There's lots of great places to walk your dog.
  7. But there's also lots of dog-free gardens for those of us scared of dogs.
  8. Walking is good for you. It said so in the Guardian.
  9. You can imagine yourself living in the houses for a few hours, with none of the financial responsibility.
  10. You've played your part in helping these places be restored and kept for future generations.
  11. And, you might learn something you never knew before. 

Not a sponsored post. I just really like the National Trust. 

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