Monday, 30 March 2015

Review: GOSH Make Up

I have been researching cruelty foundations and while I'd found some luxury options, I was struggling to find much on the high street. I've previously ruled out B. and this time I went for another Superdrug-sold brand, GOSH.

I went for the X-Ceptional Wear Make Up foundation in Porcelain after reading lots of reviews. This is a lightweight, but full coverage foundation. It's quite liquidy, so don't tip your hand upside down! At first use I hated this, I found it sticky and difficult to apply. But that's because I was using my fingers. I've discovered you have to use a sponge with this, rubbing or buffing it in doesn't work. Once applied this has great coverage and lasts the longest out of any foundation I've tried. 

While I was staring at the GOSH display I chose the BB Powder (I don't know what makes it BB, but whatever). I think you can use this as a foundation, but on its own it's very light coverage. You'd have to have flawless skin in the first place I think. But over the foundation this is great and takes away the slight stickyness of it. They're both really good colour matches as well. 

This is my first foray in the GOSH make up and I'm really impressed. I'd definitely try more. 

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