Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wishlist Wednesday: Sweaty Betty

As will probably become apparent on here over the next few weeks and months I'm on something of a fitness journey. I hated P.E at school. I was bad at all sports and vividly remember crying in one of my primary school classes because I couldn't do a forward roll and everyone laughed at me.

However, now I'm older and wiser I know that forward rolls aren't the be all and end all of being athletic. I have previously considered running but never had the motivation to get out there. Being an anxious person scared of going outside and being sick doesn't help matters either. In January I told myself I would complete the Yoga with Adriene 30 Days of Yoga and I did it without missing a single day. I fell in love with yoga and now try do to it at least once a week.

I have also fallen in love with workout gear, so this week's wishlist is what I want from Sweaty Betty.

Ashtanga Yoga Leggings - £55
The only plain black workout leggings I have are for running so they have an awkward zip pocket that digs in when you're lying on your back. I have a teal pair from Forever 21 but they are see-through central so I'd be scared to wear them to a class. These are black, smooth and opaque. But apparently not be worn for extra sweaty workouts so light yoga work only.

Supinity Retreat Jumpsuit - £110
I won't lie, I want this because you'd be able to get ready to workout by only putting this on over your sports bra and pants. No excuses then. Also, it would so comfy as lounge wear, I don't think I'd take it off when I'd finished yoga.

Training Over Tee - £39
Love slogan tees and this would be so light and airy over a vest. I'd also wear it with high waisted jeans. I really want to be able to do ballet so I could pretend I could with this top.

Breathe Vest - £45
Saw this on Vivianna Does Makeup's Twitter and it basically sums up my thoughts through yoga sessions. I love yoga but I love getting to lie down at the end more.

Free Dive Swimsuit - £75
I don't think I've been swimming since I was 15 but I love everything about this swimsuit. The zip at the back, the double strap, the colours = major heart eyes. Maybe I should take up swimming to justify buying it....?

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