Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Times are changing

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed some changes going happening on my little blog. I've been having a complete make-over! So may I present to you all.....

Yes, I've changed the name and everything!!

I was feeling uninspired by my previous blog incarnation, I didn't like the colours as much any more, I had run clean out of ideas and felt I couldn't do being a beauty blogger justice anymore. I'm not getting rid of beauty, but giving myself more room to write about other things without feeling like I am betraying my blog name. Now alongside beauty I'm going to be talking about lifestyle, fashion, food, fitness, random things. I'm also going to be charting my recovery from anxiety and its related issues. Maybe I'll even start vlogging.

I'm sad to be saying goodbye to Ellie Mae's Beauty Blog, but it was time to move on. All my old posts will remain and I'm still Ellie Mae on social media. So it's not really gone. (Genuinely a little emotional writing this).

The name was born out of a conversation with Mum. I didn't know what to do and she asked me what I looked forward to in life and made me happy and I said "five past five" because that's when my boyfriend gets home from work. So here it is - five past five: the things that make me tick.

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