Saturday, 22 June 2013

ASOS Wishlist #1

Asos Wishlist

I was lucky enough to be given an ASOS gift voucher for my birthday, it’s for £35 but it doesn’t take long to realise that the above wishlist totals much more than that. Oops. I don’t plan on spending above my means by any rate, and what will probably happen is I’ll spend so long deciding everything will be out of stock.

Here’s what’s made the current ASOS cut:

The most extravagant purchase on the list, but the slogan sums me up oh so well…

Wildfox Never Ending Fun T-shirt - £30 (sale)
Another Wildfox item, I like the slogan and cut of this top and think it would work well with my current wardrobe.

ASOS Petite Supersoft High Waisted Black Ultra Skinny Jeans - £28
Everyone owns black jeans right? Well my wardrobe is a bit bereft at the moment, a situation that needs rectifying soon. These have a 28in leg length – perfect for my little legs.

ASOS Blazer in Fluro Boulce - £35
As seen on A Model Recommends among others, this would make a perfect change from the normal black blazer by providing a pop of colour to otherwise dull work wear (not that I wear that very often…).

ASOS Jersey Cold Shoulder Slash Back Beach Cover Up -£16
Moving on to summer wear, I’m currently in the throes of holiday planning (more stressful and confusing than I thought – anyone been to Genoa?). All I’m hoping for is a beach; something like this would be great for a hand luggage only holiday as it could be worn during the day and evening too.

Sticking with the theme of multi-wear beach cover ups is this. Also contains pockets. I love pockets.

ASOS Floral Print Bikini (Top - £16, Bottoms - £14)
And obviously I need a new bikini (I really don’t). I love the bright colours of this and the cut is really flattering.

Pour Moi? Marbella Bikini (Top - £22, Bottoms - £18)
Make that two bikinis (I really really don’t need two). This one is much darker colours but has an equally flattering cut.

If you were to add everything up you’d get £267. Which is a little more than £35. So if you all buy everything then all the temptation will go away. There you go, consider permission granted.



  1. Some lovely stuff, shame about no money tree though :( Wish I had a money tree!

    1. I might plant a 5p and see what happens!