Monday, 10 June 2013

What's in my shower?

In my post on the Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser, I freely admitted that I am really lazy when it comes to the faff of showering. Well, all that has begun to change. Brought on in part because of the weird yellow thing in the sky that means it’s warm enough to actually get my legs out. Sans tights. Crazy. And partly because it’s 3 for 2 on 'A New Summer You' in Boots and I have no willpower. Oops

I have been having a huge life and stuff clear out (more on that in the next few weeks) and in doing so threw out all the shower items I’d been given as gifts but just wasn’t using. Out went the pore strips that I’m not convinced really worked. Out with old body butters I’d forgotten about. And in with all of this:
Nivea stuff technically bought from Sainsbury's if you're wondering why there is four things!
My bathroom now looks much cleaner; the shelf by the sink no longer overflows with an overdose of skin care bits. I even have a basket full of back-ups. I almost feel professional now. Anyway, on to the products:

Even if scrubs aren’t your thing – you need to smell this. It smells exactly like maple syrup. So. Good. The smell lingers a little but not so much you’ll be getting weird looks. I find my skin seems much smoother and softer after using this and it’s great for removing or dulling fake tan streaks. More on that later.

This also smells gorgeous but in a less intense way. I found I didn’t really like many of the other Soap and Glory body wash smells as they were quite strong, but this is just lovely. Also loving the pump and massive bottle. Again, the smell doesn’t linger around on the skin so won’t interfere with any perfumes you are wearing.

When this was first announced we all wonder the same thing “Sounds nice and all, but does it work?” Well, I can stand (sit) here and tell you – yes, yes it does. I have the normal version but there is also one for dry skin. When I used this first I made everyone stroke my arms to feel how soft they were. I’m converted. It can feel a little slimy when you get out the shower if you’ve not rinsed properly but that soaks in or can be wiped away with a towel.

I’m still not brave enough to go St Tropez on you yet, but I have decided to re-try gradual tanners. My ‘natural tan’ is my normal colour but more red looking, not a great look. The colour this gives after just one application is a natural bronzed hue that isn’t too dark as to look orange, after a few you can really build up a nice colour. Bonus points, only a faint hint of that wet biscuit smell and really moisturising to boot. Warning: if you’re not careful you can streak around the edges, I’m talking feet and hands here, but they’re easy to buff away. I’m currently sporting ‘tan sleeves’ because I can’t work out how to tan my hands. Any advice much appreciated. 

So there you go, my current crop of shower goodies which are getting a little more prepared for summer than I normally am. Bet it rains now....

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