Thursday, 27 June 2013

Beauty Haul #4: Escentual

It’s been quite a while since I last did a haul post. It’s definitely not been that long since I bought anything though, just most things have been fairly basic and unexciting. Today however I received my Escentual order. I ordered it on Monday so top marks for a quick delivery. Here’s what I bought.

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So one new thing, Effaclar Mat - welcome home. I can finally throw away the old one that’s been sitting on my skin shouting “buy me” at me for the last few weeks. And a couple of new discoveries. Avène’s Exfoliating Cream-Gelshould hopfully fill the chemical exfoliator hole in my life and help my make my skin look smoother. And Vichy’s Idélia BB Cream was an impulse buy because The Sunday Girl told me too.

Escentual is still having its French Fancy sale until the end of the month so get in there quick for some bargains. Although the BB cream isn’t included unfortunately, but Effaclar Duo is. I still love that stuff.

Apologies for the long post gap, I sort of forgot what day of the week it was. I’m hoping to get into a routine of Monday and Thursday postings so you’ll know when to check back. Or follow me on Bloglovin’, Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus. I have a Tumblr too, but it kinda confuses me, and Instagram at elliemae636. I’m all over the web.

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