Monday, 15 July 2013

The Shetland Edit

I've been away for the last week in the Shetland Islands visiting my boyfriend and meeting his family. I had such a fabulous time and really wish I could have stayed longer. We spent the week exploring the Islands, from the very top of Unst, right down to the south and the puffins by the airport. These are only a selection of the photos that I took. I spent the whole week wishing I had a nice camera to take fancy photos.

Everyone I met was so friendly. Especially all the lovely people who looked after a very nervous traveller on the way there, and back. The scenery was simply stunning and although the weather wasn't great it didn't take away from the experience. The days were so long, the top right photo was taken at around half 10 at night. And there was so much wildlife about. We didn't see any otters but we did see seals and lots of sheep. Many of whom liked to stand in the middle of the road. There were also hedgehogs, so many sea birds, Shetland Ponies and cows.

I'd really recommend taking a trip up there, it's worth the two flights I had to take to get there. You might not think there's much to do, but even after a week I feel like I haven't seen all the sights. Plus, we saw the cast of the BBC drama Shetland, Simon King, Bill Bailey (or a very good look-a-like) and Judy Murray was on my flight back from Edinburgh. You can't say it's not exciting up there.

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