Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Feminism and Beauty

This post is inspired by several things. The first is Gemsmaquillage's video on Feminism, Makeup and Advertising and the second is Sali Hughes' book Pretty Honest. I was going to a video of my own but I realised that it would probably turn out to be rambling mess so writing everything down in a post is the best way forward.

To some, wearing make-up is seen as being "anti-feminism". I've never understood this. In my view feminism is about equality and I have the choice to wear make-up just as much as some of my friends have to choice not to. Neither is the right choice, but in the same way, neither is the wrong choice. Wearing makeup is such a personal choice. Nobody makes me get up and put different products on my face each day. I wear it purely for myself, not because I think that's how I should look to be accepted in society and not because my boyfriend tells me too. That's not to say I never wear make-up for him, I do every now and then.

Make-up to me is a form of self-expression. Not necessarily to other people, as in reality the only thing you can tell about a woman in red lipstick is that she had time to put it on that day, but to myself. A bold lip is an instant confidence boost and tells me that now is the time to get down to business. It also stops me having a nap because I don't want it on the sheets. Creating a flawless face lets me know that today is a day to get your game face on, whereas a BB cream is a hanging out face. I express the feelings I want to feel inside on my face.

Make-up application is a form of artistry, I'd like those who criticise it to attempt equal cat-eye flicks first time of asking. Beauty is my hobby, writing about it, reading about, researching it, helping others achieve what they want to achieve. Liking make-up and beauty does not make me vain, or untelligent. That would be same as saying my boyfriend's a petrol-head because he enjoys watching Formula 1. Spoiler alert, he isn't. Blogging and making YouTube videos are about so much more than writing about lipstick. I have to be able to self-promote, take good pictures, have a basic grasp of HTML and video editing software and have the self-motivation to carry on.

Another thing I want to give my opinion on is a recent article in the Independent. There are lots of issues with the piece, and some valid points. But the main thing I wanted to say is that nobody has the right to tell someone that their role model is wrong. If teenage girls want to look up to Zoella, then let them. She is a self-starter and a savy business woman, for that I'd admire her. She also inspired me to think differently about mental health issues and that I was not alone in feeling how I felt.

If you want to know about make-up in its best forms then I urge you to read the two books in the photo, they both helped to me to feel that my hobby was not something to hide but something to be proud of.


  1. I will definitely check out these books I agree wholeheartedly with your article. I find it frustrating that certain people see my interest in beauty and fashion as in conflict with my feminism x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  2. They're really great books, both for beauty addicts and feminists.

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  4. I agree with your opinion on the article. I look up to Zoella for her success with capitalising on the opportunities she's been granted as well as the way she handles her self publicly. I've nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award so have a look at my blog for the details xx

  5. Yes, that's right. She's been so lucky to have all of these opportunities and she should be allowed to take the ones she wants to without criticism. Thank you both for the nomination. I will definitely check it out.