Monday, 20 October 2014

How to save your face after you've been crying

We've all been there, you've spent the last half an hour sobbing your heart out, you look in the mirror and all your carefully applied make-up is half way around your face. Here's some quick tips of how to help rectify the situation a bit.

First of all remove the old eye make-up. If you're out and about with nothing you might have to make do with toilet paper and tap water but if you can make sure you have a mini bottle of a micellar water on hand, either in your handbag if it'll fit or your office drawer. Wipe away all the smeared make-up and then apply an eye cream. Most of these are really small so you can easily shove one in a drawer or your bag again. If it's got a rollerball then it will be extra cooling and de-puffing. Some have a little coverage which will help with the next step...

Re-apply concealer over all the areas you've wiped free of make-up. I somehow missed mine out of the picture. Well done me. Apply as normal and blend in. Then set with a powder, I used a powder foundation as that's what I had to hand and I needed the coverage.

Apply the rest of your make-up as you wish, waterproof mascara (or none) is a good bet if you think tears are likely to happen again. A bit of blusher probably wouldn't go amiss either if you've lost everything of your cheeks.

What are your after-crying make-up tips?

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