Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Review: B. Foundation and Mascara

Today I'm reviewing two products from one brand. The B. Flawless Foundation and B. Louder mascara. You can get B. from Superdrug (I believe it's own brand) and it's got quite a large following, particularly because it is not tested on animals. Animal testing is very touchy subject in the world of beauty, and is not one I am going to be talking about in this blog post.

I'll start with the foundation, I got Linen which is the lightest shade and as you might be able to tell, it's not the right shade for me. It applies nicely, I have to work hard on the blending though. The coverage is ok, it's a buildable formula. It lasts an average amount of time. I was enjoying it. And then the packaging gave up on me. There's been lots of complaints about the pumps on these foundations so when mine stopped working I thought I'd try and give it a little stir, see if that made a difference. 

I was not expecting this to happen. The pump tube just snapped right off! Rendering the whole lot unusable unless I can get some out on my little finger. The formula is so thick it won't pour out. Such a waste of product. 

The mascara I like better. I don't know if it gives volume but it certainly gives impressive length. It's not waterproof but I don't find it to smudge. I'd recommend giving it a try and I would repurchase it.

So one good product, one bad.

What are your B. recommendations?

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