Friday, 3 October 2014

What's on my desk?

I love having my own desk. It's a space that's mine. I can be as messy or as clean as I like. Although, if another person asks if I got a pink one so my boyfriend wouldn't use it I shall despair at society's ideas of colour, and point out I wanted the green one, but IKEA didn't deliver it. Anyway, rant aside. I love my desk. It's the IKEA Micke desk, I picked it because I can add extensions and units to it as and when I want to. It's a good size, easily fitting my laptop and bits of paper on. The fact that it has the splashes of pink on means that I don't have to worry about painting it, and breaks up the white.

On the far left I have my laptop (which hates me) and phone behind them sits a digital photo frame. I should probably put that in a better place...

The candle that's gracing the table is the Arran Aromatics After the Rain one. It smells amazing not lit so I can imagine it's great lit. If only I could find a working lighter with which to light it. 

On the right is where all my stationary goes. A tin for receipts from The Bright Side, a myraid of coloured pens, my Bobble Bottle, my Happy Jackson notebook that I use for blogging, my Personal Filofax, a Ryman's project book with contains all my journalism notes and more colourful highlighters. And yes, that is a Red Nose Day nose.  

In the drawers I keep more pens (I have a problem), random bits of paper and chargers. The cupboard houses a larger receipts tin, envelopes and other things needed for letters, spare notebooks and art-y stuff. 

What do you keep on your desk?

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