Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: Children

This week is Christmas Gift Guide week, along with a dose of regular posts. Today I'm looking at what you should get the children in your lives.

Children are usually fairly easy to buy presents for. It's common decency to not get any musical instruments without express permission of the parents. However, it can be difficult to stand out from the mound of plastic commonly foisted upon kids come Christmas morning.

I'm going to start with the "plastic" for this list. Children's TV has exploded in recent years, particularly with the dedicated channels that now exist. All children will have their favourite so you probably can't go far wrong with some merchandise.

Image from Argos
If you want to get away from toys but still be useful then clothes are great presents. And so cute as well. Sizes can be tricky, so I would always go for a size up so they can grow into them. Particularly with winter jumpers, that way they might be able to get some wear out of them next year too.
Image from Next
Books are another thing that make great presents. Instead of getting a current one, get the children in your life books you enjoyed when you were their age. I was so happy when my nephew fell in love with Dear Zoo just as much as I did.
Image from WHSmiths
You could also make some presents. Hobbycraft sell papermache letters that you can paint in your chosen child's favourite colour.
Image from Hobbycraft
If you're stuck for money and still don't know what to get, then get a present of a night's free babysitting for the parents. That way they get a night off and you get to spend time with the children. Disclaimer, this idea doesn't work if your buying for your own children.

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