Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: Friends

This week is Christmas Gift Guide Week, along with a dose of regular posts. Today I'm looking at what you should get your friends. 

Christmas present shopping is hard, trying to come up with ideas for everyone on your list and make sure it's all arrived in time is stressful. Hopefully I'll be able to give you some ideas with these gift guides.

It's always really tempting to get your friends all the same thing, but there's actually nothing wrong with that. Variations on a theme are a great way to go. Lush provides the perfect place for this. I've decided to mention Lush in this section not in the beauty one to keep more spots free for beauty ideas.
Image from Lush
Lush do great scarves that you can buy to wrap your bath bombs in making them a great gift. Or you can get ready made boxes of products, such as the Joy to the World box which has Snowcake Soap and Dream Cream lotion in. You can also get a Secret Santa box with a bath bomb and soap in.

Image from Space NK
Candles are another great present, and there's something in every budget. If you're feeling really fancy then you could get a Diptyque or Jo Malone candle. At the lower end then you can get Yankee Candles or the Muji Candles. Almost every home-ware shop will be stocking Christmassy scents so there's plenty to choose from.

Image from Tesco

If you're all over 18 then you could go for something alcoholic. It doesn't have to be a huge expensive bottle, you can get great little kits of miniatures this time of year. I know a few of my friends who would love this Baileys Kit. Or you could get a mixture of Craft Ales or Ciders for the friend who's always looking to expand their horizons.

If money is tight as it often is at the time of year then you can always make your presents. Last year I made the Sorted Food fudge recipe for some of my friends and they loved it.

Check back tomorrow for the next in the series!

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