Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: Parents

This week is Christmas Gift Guide Week, along with a dose of regular posts. Today I'm looking at what you should get your parents.

I find my parents so hard to buy for. Most of the things they want they buy themselves, or I have no idea what they're talking about. Here are some ideas I've come up with after thinking about it a lot

You could send your parents off for a meal out or a night away if you have the budget for it. If not you could treat them to a three course home-cooked meal. Rummage through the cookbooks when they're not looking and come up with a menu that Jamie Oliver would be jealous of.

Along the same lines would be some vouchers for some days off the chores. Easy to make on the computer or by hand and might provide a welcome treat in those days after Christmas when they've been rushed off their feet.
Image from Waterstones.
When I get really stuck, especially for my Dad I take a look at what Waterstones has to offer. (Not this year though, no spoilers here!). He's really interested in military history and planes so I tend to stick to a theme or you could look for an autobiography of someone they really like.

Image from WHSmiths
Going back to more homemade presents, splashing out on a nice frame and a great print of all the family altogether would be a great gift. Especially if all the family is spread out across the world/country. Photobox is one of my favourite places to get prints. 

Every year my parents say they don't want anything, so if yours are the same I hope this list gave you some ideas!

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