Monday, 20 April 2015


As part of my on-going leave the house more campaign I went to the Reading Oracle shopping centre. I was excited to discover that there was a KIKO store there. I did some Googling and I believe that KIKO is cruelty free. I hope I'm not wrong about that!

I picked up mainly base products because I've run out of every concealer I own. After the Pixiwoo video on colour correcting I picked up the the Colour Correction Concealer Wheel. I tried it out this morning and it's good. No green or purple shadowing under my foundation and I felt like it helped the coverage my foundation gave me.

Another coverage booster is the Full Coverage Concealer. This is creamy and easy to apply. It doesn't cling to dry patches. I used it on blemishes and under my eyes and it worked for both. I swatched the new Under Eye Correctors and found they were very orange, even the lightest shade. I understand they're supposed to be a bit yellow to combat dark circles but these were too yellow.

I gave my brows some love with the Precision Eyebrow Pencil. This is a proper pencil as opposed to a wind up 'pen' type thing. Luckily it comes with a sharpener. This is easy to use and gave my brows great shape and definition.

The Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows have been much hyped everywhere. I drew this on the back of my hand and even a shower didn't remove it all. I got shade 6 which is a light taupe (they describe it as Golden Brown) shade with a small amount of shimmer. I can see myself getting every shade.

What are your favourite KIKO finds?


  1. I love Kiko :) The Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows are some of my favourites, I own far too many shades!

  2. I swatched a really nice green one but decided to start with a more neutral colour.