Friday, 3 April 2015

Things I learnt from going vegan

On Tuesday my month of veganism came to an end, and it certainly was an eye opener. I thought I'd hate every second and spend the whole month fighting temptation, but that didn't happen. Although I did break it on Wednesday, Karl and I took a bite of a fish finger and a chicken goujon respectively at the same time so neither of us was the first to break it.
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I reckon I'll go back to it, not full time, at least not yet. But I'm definitely going to be having more vegan meals and sweet treats.

Here's what I learnt from being vegan:

  1. You don't need mayo in every meal
  2. Vegan mayo is not nice...
  3. ....neither is vegan cheese
  4. I'm not brave enough to try tofu
  5. Vegan cookies taste amazing
  6. Really random things are vegan, see Accidentally Vegan on instagram.
  7. Thug Kitchen is life. 
  8. I feel so much better not eating dairy

I think everybody should try being vegan, you might be surprised at how easy it is. 

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