Saturday, 23 March 2013

Beauty Haul #1

Despite being pretty poor at the moment, I went shopping with a couple of friends to pick up some beauty bits. It was nearly fashion too but I talked myself out of the neon pink jeans.

First, and a little unexcitingly I got some new mascara because my old tube had dried out a while ago. I went for Maybelline’s the Rocket Volum’ Express in black. Mainly because I’d seen some YouTubers use it and mainly just on a whim. Mascara isn’t something that I tend to research and I rarely buy the same tube twice in a row. I used this today and I can vouch for the fact it’s pretty black. My lashes also look extended and fuller. It’s also so good using a fresh mascara having used my old one for probably longer than I should. So far, so good.

And then, MAC. Previous to this the only MAC experience I had was buying a 272 brush to use for my Year 11 prom nearly four years ago (seriously, four?!) and testing out a sample of Prolongwear foundation when I was looking to change my foundation recently. With the previously mentioned Revlon Nearly Naked Powder it was a terrible choice but without it was wonderful, however once I’d made that revelation it was too late and Bobbi Brown had won out.

This time I was on the hunt for something to keep the foundation on my face and a non-orange powder. My main purpose was look to at the Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder to mattify my skin but be light and not change the colour. I was interested in the Prep + Prime Skin primer but put some on the back of my hand and got scared by how sparkly it was. The woman in MAC recommended the Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer in Adjust. I was going to take a sample home but they’d run out of pots so I just bought it and the powder and consoled myself by thinking of my overdraft and how I only need a little bit of both.

I used them together when out for drinks and had terrible pale face in photos but looked fine in normal light. Testing them separately now to see which was at fault and needs to be avoided for photos. But I found my skin stayed matt all night and even today the primer is making me enjoy the Revlon Colourstay foundation and Nearly Naked powder. Hallelujah. Full reviews of both to come soon.

I’d say last beauty purchases for a little while but, I think we all know that’s not true…watch this space.

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