Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review - Revlon Photoready Cream Blusher

I’m always attracted to the idea of cream products. I’m currently on the hunt for a cream highlighter and am welcoming any suggestions. I’m also a peachy blush person and only wore Benefit’s Georgia (now sadly discontinued) for years. But last year I saw that Revlon had a range of cream blushes. Despite often seeing YouTubers and Bloggers with other shades I have only have seen two in Boots. They’ve brought out a coral shade for Spring/Summer which I’d quite like to try but haven’t seen.

I got the shade Pinched which is almost a pink toned peach. I’ve shown it to friends in an attempt to win them over and they’ve been scared of how pigmented it looks in the pot. But the colour comes out really sheer and it’s almost impossible to apply too much. I find on me it gives a natural blush effect because it’s a similar colour to the way I blush. The finish isn’t particularly creamy but doesn’t give you a powdery look. I wouldn’t recommend it for lips as well as I think it would be too drying.

How it looks on my skin

As for lasting power, I’ve never considered this with blush and I find it difficult to tell with this colour because I can’t tell if it is still on my cheeks at the end of the day or I’ve just gone a bit red. I set it with powder. I also apply it with my fingers which really sheers it out and I think with a brush you could get a stronger finish that might last longer.

Overall, this is great everyday product for quickly adding colour and perfect for those who have never used cream blush before.

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