Monday, 25 March 2013

In search of the perfect purple

Since trying my friend’s Parlez-Vous OPI? nail polish I had my heart set on finding the perfect purple coating for my nails. A perfect pale purple but not quite into the pastel ranges. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the OPI polish as I think the collection is no longer available.  So the search for a dupe began.

I started with Essie’s Smokin’ Hot. Which I love and kick-started my love of Essie polishes but I found it to be a touch too dark for what I was looking for.

 I thought I was done with the purple hunt and dabbled for a while in shades of burgundy. And then I saw Vivianna Does Makeup’s video on her manicure routine. She used Essie’s Merino Cool and as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one for me. However, it did prove difficult to track down. It appears that a lot of other people are Merino Cool fans and it was constantly sold out in my local Boots.  Eventually I saw it in stock and just bought it without a second thought.

Merino Cool alone...

...and next to Smokin' Hot
It’s a perfect smoky purple that’s not too bright and not too pastel-like. I think it is the shade down from Smokin’ Hot. It is currently seeing me through the transition into Spring and I reckon will be on my nails long in to the summer. Although I’m never sure nail polishes really have a ‘season’. I think it has a little more grey in than the OPI one but is similar enough for my tastes. It lasts around 3 days, which has more to do with a Nails Inc. top and basecoat that seems not to make polish last on my nails. Previous Essie polishes have made it to the 5 day mark before chipping and I think with the right tools this would so the same. A perfect purple investment.
 Essie Polishes retail for £7.99 and can be bought here

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