Friday, 22 March 2013

Things that aren’t all they’re cracked up to be #1

A lot of things get a huge amount of hype and love in the blogger and YouTube community. Some things are very deserving of this praise but some things you get and just go really? Both products featured today are face products. The Revlon Nearly Naked pressed powder and the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer.

I’ll start with the concealer. Quite a few people had been talking about this; I know EssieButton is a fan. So when I needed a concealer I picked this up. I began to dislike it from the moment I scanned it through the Boots self-service machine. First of all, it’s £7.49 for only 10ml of product. Way overpriced in my opinion. Although it does seem to have lasted me a while despite the small amount and the quantity I have to use to get any sort of coverage of blemishes or dark circles. I got the shade 51 light radiance, which just seems to be yellow. You can sort of see this on the photos, but I notice it when I am applying it and it doesn’t match my skin or my foundation. Plus I think it looks obvious that you're wearing lots of make-up, not always the look I go for. As it is running out it’s getting difficult to get product out but I can feel there’s still quite a lot left which will get wasted if I don’t cut the tube. 
Blended. You can just see the colour difference at my wrist

Annoyingly one of my issues with the powder doesn’t show up in the photographs but when I apply it to my face, despite being shade 020 light, it is orange. It also doesn’t seem to hold my make-up on very well. When I wear it I can tell I’m wearing it and after a while my face gets very oily and I just want to take all my make-up off. But without it, because I have sheer foundation I just look a bit too dewy.  Also, I tested the Nearly Naked foundation on the back of my hand in Boots and didn’t get the fuss. 
Why are you so orange on my face?
This all forms part of a bigger issue – bad skin shade ranges on the high-street. If you’re very pale like me or have very dark skin you’re unlikely to find your shade. I definitely think it is worth spending more on face products to get ones that match you exactly. Bobbi Brown and MAC are great examples of places that I have got an exact skin match, and I’d recommend them both. And I think to replace these two products I will be turning to the higher end cosmetic companies.

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