Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Barefaced Cheek

Due to my love of a certain brand of leggings I am part of a Facebook group called Black Milk Clothing UK. If you’ve not heard of Black Milk then check them out here. Last night a discussion was started about people’s reactions to you sans make-up. Usually “Are you OK? You look a bit ill?”. From that, people began uploading photos of themselves without make-up on and the photo above was my contribution. It’s taken on my webcam so it’s not the best quality so I’ve added one taken in the natural light this morning.

Everyone was telling each other what their best features were and how beautiful they looked. Many girls (including myself) were apprehensive about putting their photos up but the warmth felt from the community soon got rid of the fears. I certainly came out of it feeling happier about myself. You can get so bogged down in your flaws but everyone is beautiful. <3

I’m not sure what the point is of this post. It would be brilliant to see others doing this. Just showing themselves to the world without the usual front of slap.


  1. It was so lovely when everyone did this! Can't say I'm as brave as you are to put my make up-less face on my blog just yet though! You look gorgeous <3

    1. Yeah it was, quite liberating really. Thank you :)
      I never thought I'd do it, but just thought why not. I've got a foundation routine going up tomorrow that's got a similar picture.