Friday, 3 May 2013

The brows have it

I’d say that I would be the first to admit I don’t always listen to my mum, except of course she would say it before I did. But just on the odd occasion I do pay attention and then I find she’s often right. One example of this is eyebrows; both she and my make-up artist cousin said “You have nice eyebrows – don’t over pluck them, ever”. And I haven’t. So now, when some are complaining of a lack of brows mine still look fairly full. However, they tend to have blonde bits in or I accidentally get foundation in them and with a full face of make-up, they don’t really stand out.

I have been on a hunt to cure this problem for a while. I looked in Boots but found nothing that caught my eye or didn’t look like it would just dye my brows black. Not a good look with brown hair. Having finished my essays and feeling reckless and free with my money I found myself in MAC asking about eyebrow pencils. 

The woman in there was really helpful, asked me questions about what I was looking for and showed me their eyebrow pencil in Lingering. She did one eyebrow, and then let me do the other one so she could make sure I’d grasped it. The technique she showed me was drawing a line underneath your brow, touching the very last hairs and then blending it up and into your brows using an angled brush. The effect it gave was sharper, defined brows but not too dark looking. I’ve included before and after photos below but I’m not sure how much of a difference you’ll be able to see. Which just shows how natural it looks. 
Sorry for the crazy hair and the fact you really can't see anything but I promise I did more than pin my fringe up!

The make-up artist set them with their brow gel but I haven’t and found the lasting power to be all day. I might pick up a clear mascara if I feel the need for more hold. The pencil is quite hard which means it doesn’t move and self-sharpening so you always get a precise point. I’m really happy with the way my brows look and if I do go overboard on the plucking I can just fill them in with a colour that looks like me. 

MAC brow pencils are £12.50 and can be purchased here, or at your nearest MAC counter.


  1. Love the name "Lingering" for the pencil. I'm working on growing my brows thicker just a bit, but have too many strays I keep overplucking all the time.
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    1. Ah, you just have to resist. Which is hard I know. Or try HD brows or a brow growth thing. I think the pixiwoo sisters have a video somewhere.

  2. I've been using the Gosh Brow Kit and have really been loving that.

    1. Is that one on the ones with different coloured powders? I've always thought I just wouldn't use half the colours.