Saturday, 4 May 2013

Review: Seche Vite Topcoat

*warning: controversial blog post ahead*
I’m not sure when the Seche Vite love-in started. But it did, in a big way. It was everywhere and everyone was raving about. I was curious but never took the plunge. Then What’s In My Handbag? offered it as a ‘Try’ on their website. I entered and won a full size bottle. So far so good.

Image credit: What's In My Handbag?
First of all, it stinks. Only for use in well ventilated areas. It’s just not a pleasant smell. It does do what it says on the bottle. Dry nails in 5 minutes and by dry I mean ready to go dry, not the dry that lures you in then smudges. And it’s shiny. Everything I’ve ever wanted in a topcoat. Glowing reviews were forming in my head.

But when it came to actual wear time, I found it chipping after only a few days and the ends of my nails looked worn. I’ve tested it with different brands of polish, different base coats. Same thing. I don’t know if it needs a really good base coat as well. So far, I’ve used Nails Inc. and Butter London.

I don’t completely detest it. It’s perfect for a slick of colour just before you leave and you could easily get shiny party nails. And for those that paint their nails daily I imagine it’s brilliant. But as a long-lasting topcoat, the search continues.

I'm not the only person to think this. Emma from MilkTeef  wrote a similar review here, making me feel less alone.

If you are a lover of it then What’s In My Handbag? currently has it on offer here. Also, I fully recommend signing up and putting your name forward for the ‘Trys’ when they offer them. It’s a great way of trying new products for free. They also have offers and kits from loads of brands such as Daniel Sandler and Korres.

Anyone got any advice of how to make it work for me?


  1. Have you tried any other top coats you like better?

    1. Not recently as I'm not a fan of the Nails Inc Kensington one I have. I like the Essie Matte Topcoat but haven't tried any of the others. Might have to go back to Sally Hansen Insta-dry and test it out again.

  2. its good to hear other opinions on this!! as so many rave about it!! xx

    1. I know and that's why I'm sad I can't get to work for me.