Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Feeling the Pressure...or how not to

I’ve just come to the end of a mammoth essay writing session so while everything is still fresh in my mind I thought I’d take a break from beauty and write about how to not to stress as much. Hopefully this isn’t too late for some of you!

Organise your mind
Get everything written down. Titles, deadlines, any other important things you need to do. Colour code them if you wish, I’m a big fan of colours, just makes everything better to look at. Once you have everything in one place you won’t have to be digging about through plies of paper to find out which essay title you’d chosen. Or put them on to post-it notes and stick them on your walls. That way when you’re finished you can tear them up. Write a to-do list and plan your days out in a diary and stick to it. Then you know what you have to do when. This is definitely advice I need to follow myself.
Essay titles, how exciting

Diary planning

What to-do and my reward - make-up shopping!

Pretty colours

Organise your desk
The first step to working is tidying your desk. It’s just easier to have books and paper everywhere if you have a clean surface to start-off with. Then when you’ve finished one bit of work, put all the stuff away and start again with the next one. 
I cropped out the messiness!
Set out a reward for when you’ve finished. It could be a night out with friends, a nice dinner, a shopping splurge or that one item of clothing you’ve wanted for ages. Whatever works for you. That way you have something to look forward to for when it’s all over.

Eating and Sleeping
This I find the hardest to do but it’s the most important. If leaving the house to food shop makes you feel guilty then order it online. Make sure you’re still getting enough sleep every night. I wouldn’t advise strong sleeping pills, but I find that herbal Nytol and This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray are a perfect combination for sending me off to sleep at night. If you’re worried about your work, just write your worries down and leave them for tomorrow. Then, as hard as it can be, just try and sleep without thinking of them. Think of all the freedom you’ll have when you’re done!

Work where you can work
All your friends are going to the library but you don’t work well there? Don’t go. Stay where you’ll be productive and get the most done. For me, I went home for a few days and wrote two essays. It’s definitely a technique I’ll be using again. I didn’t have to worry about food and Mum made sure I was awake to start work in the morning. I noticed as soon as I came back to university my productiveness plummeted. As much as you want to procrastinate, just start. Unplug or turn off your internet if you don’t need it. You’ll feel much better for having done something.

Most of all, try to stay relaxed. Make sure you have regular breaks and drink lots of water. 

Good Luck! And remember once it’s all over you’ll only be really bored….

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