Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Review: L'Oreal GlamShine Stain Splash

Carrying on with my bright lip loving from earlier posts with the L'Oreal GlamShine Stain Splash in Princess. I picked this colour because it is unlike any that I already own. I wanted to branch out into corals for the summer. Fair to say I have branched and I think this might be one of my favourite shades I have. 

I thought I would do this review in a similar line to my Rimmel Apocalips review as they are both stain products. The GlamShine Stain Splashes are supposed to be dupes for the YSL GlossyStains (I really want one of them) and have long wear abilities. So, how did it measure up?


First of all, the finish is much glossier than the Apocalips. It feels quite sticky to start with but either it fades or I just get used to because I don't really notice it after a while. The colour is a reddy coral as opposed to an orangey coral. I think, but I'm not the best at describing colours. The final photo doesn't really so how much was actually left on my lips . There was definitely more left after eating than there had been after the Apocalips. However, if I were to be going out somewhere I'd reapply in the middle where it had worn away.

I do find it to be a little more drying than the Apocalips but it's not unbearable and is easily solved with a lip balm or a Revlon lip butter underneath. I'm tempted to try out some more colours but they all look a bit strange in the tubes. I might have to Google some swatches and see what they look like on actual people.

This colour will be on my lips for the rest of summer and beyond.

L'Oreal GlamShine Stain Splashes are £7.99 and available from Boots both online and in store.

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